Manage Chemicals & Distributors

44Manage Chemicals & Distributors is the first Trader in Uttrakhand which provides Empty hard gelatin capsules of all different varieties, colours and sizes. MCD has been a leader in the field of trading since a decade in Uttrakhand. MCD has a strong supply chain which is based on our strong relations with our customers.

To achieve our objective of 100% accuracy within our distribution network, we are not just undertaking constant outcome measurement through customer surveys but more importantly our partners have already adapted just in time manufacturing and delivery techniques which we believe will be the key components of future success in pharmaceutical distribution. Furthermore, we have put in place prevention strategies and always strive to keep up to date with new technologies cialis pas cher in order to provide our customers with an outstanding customer supply chain management. We actually are one of the top distributor in the whole region.

Best quality Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules in following products range –

Sizes- ’00’,  ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ & ‘4’.


The type of capsules depends upon the type of locking features provide in the pin moulds used in the manufacturing the various sizes of the EHG Capsules that suits to different capsules filling machines. We are having following types of locking features in capsules in different sizes.


EHG Capsules

MCD is a leading distributor of EHG Capsules. We have EHG Capsules  in Sizes “00” to “4” using gelatin from EDQM approved sources. We ensure quality checks as we follow stringent process controls.

Printed Capsules

Variety of printing styles is offered by MCD for product identification, doses information. The unique identifying feature of printed capsules helps in putting checks on cross-contamination and reducing the risk of medication errors. It also acts as an anti counterfeit measure.

Linear printing style: It is non oriented printing covers up to 42º radius, perfectly aligned cap / body Messages

Circular printing style: It is oriented; provide more coverage surface area of printing for large messages, in single or double colour edible printing inks, acts as brand shielding from others

SLS Free Capsules

EHG capsules without adding Sodium Lauryl Sulphate as a recipient in the formulation are also available on demand.


EHG Capsules without using any additive as preservative under natural process condition are also available on demand.

Natural Color Capsules

Natural Colour Capsules are Capsules made with only natural colours in them mainly for the nutraceutical and food industry are also available on demand.

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