Chairman Message

In all aspects of our business, we are focusing on maintaining the highest standards of quality, to ensure that our products deliver the maximum potential benefit to everyone. This focus is differentiating us from our competitors and helping to drive strong demand for our products. Our commitment to quality has truly been the cornerstone of our success. Furthermore, our success would not have been possible without our employees who put in their unrelenting efforts to rise to excellence and execute our strategy.

Our firm is continuously evolving, our priorities must adjust and develop in the context of these changes. Going forward, we will fully leverage our strong presence and resources to deliver further growth in existing markets and to tap into new ones. We will continue to focus on efficiency, profitability and expanding our product portfolio and technological capabilities through partnerships and acquisitions. In addition, we will continue to establish employee advancement, mentoring and coaching programs that will provide them with the tools to grow and develop.

“We look forward to doing business with like minded people, creating value and forming lasting relationships. Being leaders in the market providing the best quality product is always our endeavour. We look forward to a strategic alliance.”


shaliniMrs. Shalini Verma as CEO is responsible for managing Manage Group’s growth as a leading provider of global pharmaceutical distributor of API’s, Empty hard gelatin capsules and Third party manufacturer. She understands the importance of providing excellent customer service and the steps required in order to achieve this. She is action oriented, thoughtful and practical. She is well qualified and very experienced. She has always played a fundamental role in the firm’s continued development and success. She is a leading voice for the continuation of high professional standards within the pharmaceutical industry. Her passion for training and personal development within the organization has led to its continued success. The key values which she envisions for Manage Group is an emphasis on premium service delivery and on maintaining a strong team and an empowering  workplace culture.

Through the years, she has leveraged her extensive expertise, with an eye for targeting acquisitions of business to enhance Manage Group’s value to its clients. From humble beginning Manage Group now operating globally.

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