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About Us

Manage Chemicals was established in the year 1999. A new Ayurvedic division of Manage Chemicals Private Limited started in 2020, now focusing on manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines (Maxule Royale) and related products in India. The company has its roots connected to Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. The manufacturing plant of the company is located at Lodiwala, District Haridwar while its Corporate office is located in Dehradun. The company is well‐ equipped with advanced manufacturing technology and techniques to manufacture Hard gelatin and Veg HPMC Capsules. The companies enjoy immense credibility among various stakeholders in the global markets. The manufacturing facility operates in a Manage chemicals provides total Customer Satisfaction – by describing what and how we do best. It is not only the sales and technical staff focus on addressing and resolving customer needs, but also our manufacturing personnel and formulation personnel often interact directly with customers on product and process improvement programs. At Manage Chemicals, we have an added advantage of having formulation unit which will continuously provide feedback on improving quality of our capsules. 


We also use formal customer satisfaction measurement programs that provide routine opportunities for our customers to tell us what they like or, more importantly, what they don’t like about dealing with us.


Innovative, Talented, Driven

Manage Chemicals is built from talented individuals with the creativity and passion to not only meet, but exceed our clients’ needs. These qualities are what propel our company forward. Each member brings something unique to the table, but we share a commitment to providing high-quality products. Learn more about our team below.

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The Founder of the company Shri Arvind Kumar Singh, with more than 22 years’ experience in pharma sector, looks forward to create world class research and development unit in house to reduce the dependency on foreign participants.

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